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1982 Firebird Options
Code Description Price
A01 Soft-Ray glass, all windows (req,w/C60) $88.00
A31 Power windows $165.00
A90 Remote control deck lid release  
  Firebird, Trans Am $32.00
  Firebird S/E included
AC3 Six-way power driver seat $197.00
AK1 Front, rear and front shoulder Custom   
  seat belts (color-keyed)   
  Firebird and Trans Am   
  w/ B20 included
  w/o B20 $26.00
  Firebird S/E included
AR9 Bucket seats (Firebird, Trans Am)  
Vinyl Derma trim included
Cloth Pompey trim $28.00
AU3 Power door locks $106.00
B20 Luxury trim group (incl. luxury front and rear seats,  
  luxury doors, custom seat belts, map pocket)  
  doeskin vinyl or parella cloth $299.00
  leather $844.00
  Trans Am (without Y84)  
  doeskin vinyl or parella cloth $299,00
  leather $844.00
  Trans Am (w/Y84)  
  parella cloth included
  Firebird S/E  
  doeskin vinyl or parella cloth included
  leather $545.00
B34 Carpeted front floor mats $20.00
B35 Carpeted rear floor mats $15.00
B48 Luggage compartment trim $123.00
B57 Custom exterior group (avail, in base Firebird  
  only; incl LH remote sport mirrors, roof drip  
  molding, belt reveal molding)  
  w/oCC1 $134.00
  w/CC1 (roof drip and belt reveal moldings not incl.) $73.00
B80 Roof drip moldings (Firebird; na w/CC1;  
  bright; incl. belt reveal molding)  
  w/oB57 $61.00
  w/657 included
B91 Door edge guards  
  (Firebird S/E, Trans Am; black) $15.00
B93 Door edge guards (Firebird; bright) $15.00
BS1 Additional acoustical insulation  
  Firebird and Trans Am $39.00
  Firebird S/E included
BX5 Roof drip moldings (Firebird S/E, Trans  
  Am; na w/CC1; black) $29.00
C25 Rear window wiper/washer system  
  Firebird. Trans Am $117.00
  Firebird S/E included
C49 Electric rear window defogger $125.00
C60 Custom A/C(req w/a01) $675.00
C95 Dome reading lamp $22.00
CC1 Hatch roof w/removable glass panels  
  (na w/BX5/B80)  
  w/o Y84 $790.00
  w/Y84 included
CD4 Controlled-cycle windshield wiper system $47.00
D34 RH visor vanity mirror $7.00
D35 Sport OSRV mirrors  
  (LH remote, RH convex manual) Firebird  
  w/o B57 $48.00
  w/657 included
  Firebird S/E and Trans Am included
D42 Cargo security screen $64.00
D80 Rear deck spoiler (na base Firebird)  
  Firebird S/E $69.00
  Trans Am included
DG7 Sport outside rearview mirrors  
  (LH power, RH convex power)  
  w/oB57 $137.00
  w/B57 $89.00
  Firebird S/E, Trans Am $89.00
G80 Limited-slip differential axle  
  w/o J65 $76.45
  w/J65 $0.45
J65 Front and rear power disc brakes  
  (incl G80; na on base Firebird)  
  w/o WS6 $255.00
  w/WS6 included
K05 Engine block heater (avail. w/LQ9 only) $18.00
K35 Cruise control w/resume feature  
  w/MX1 $155.00
  w/oMM4 $165.00
K73 70 amp heavy-duty generator  
  (avail, w/LG4; without C60 only)  
  w/oC49 $51.00
  w/C49 included
K81 63 amp heavy-duty generator (w/LQ9andLC1 only)  
  w/oC49 $51.00
  w/C49 included
K99 85 amp heavy-duty generator (na w/LC1)  
  w/LG4 $15.00
  w/o LQ9 or LU5  
  w/oC49 $15.00
  w/C49 included
LC1 2.8 liter 173 ci V-6 2-bbl  
  Firebird $125.08
  Firebird S/E included
LG4 5.0 liter 305 ci V-8 4-bbl  
  Firebird (na w/MM4) $295.00
  Firebird S/E  
  w/MX1;w/oWS6 $170.00
  w/MM4 or WS6(incl. dual exhaust) $195.00
  Trans Am (incl. dual exhaust) included
LQ9 2.5 liter 151 ci EFI L-4  
  Firebird included
  Firebird S/E (n/a w/WS6)(credit) $125.00
LU5 Dual EFI engine package (avail, on Trans Am only;  
  incl.5.0 liter dual EFI 305 ci Crossfire-Injection V-8  
  engine, 215/65R15 blackwall steel-belted radial tires,  
  special handling package, limited-slip differential,  
  sport hood, front and rear power disc brakes and  
  dual exhaust system)  
  w/o Y84 $899.00
  w/Y84 included
MM4 Four-speed manual transmission  
  (n/a on base Firebird w/LG4) included
MXI Three-speed automatic transmission  
  Firebird and Firebird S/E $396.00
  Trans Am $72.00
N09 Locking fuel filler door  
  Firebird and Trans Am $11.00
  Firebird S/E included
N89 15x7 Turbo aluminum wheels  
  (avail. w/WS6 or WS7 only) included
N33 Tilt steering wheel $95.00
N90 Cast aluminum wheels  
  (avail w/base Firebird only; silver, gold) $375.00
N91 Wire wheel covers with locking package  
  (avail w/base Firebird only) $229.00
QVJ 195/75R14 whitewall steel-belted radial  
  tires (Firebird) $126.60
QYG 195/75R14 whitewall fiberglass-belted  
  radial tires (Firebird) $62.00
P06 Wheel trim rings  
  (avail, w/base Firebird only) $37.00
P20 Bright aluminum wheel hubcap  
  (avail w/Firebird S/E and Trans Am  
  only; mcl w/WS6, WS7 on Firebird S/E) included
PB4 Wheel locking package (avail w/base  
  wheels on Firebird S/E. Trans Am; avail.  
  w/N90 on base Firebird) $16.00
PE5 Rally V wheel covers  
  (avail, w/base Firebird only) $144.00
QXQ 195/75R14 white-letter steel-belted radial  
  tires (Firebird) $148.60
QXV 195/75R14 blackwall steel-belted radial width="477">
  tires (Firebird) width="477"> $64.60
QYA 205/70R14 blackwall steel-belted radial  
  tires (na w/WS6)  
  Firebird w/Y99 $123.76
  Firebird S/E, Trans Am included
QYC 205/70R14 white-letter steel-belted radial  
  tires (na w/WS6)  
  Firebird w/Y99 $211.76
  Firebird S/E, Trans Am $88.00
QYF 195/75R14 blackwall fiberglass-belted  
  radial tires (Firebird) included
QYH 215/65R15 white-letter steel-belted radial  
  tires (avail w/WS6 only; Firebird S/E,  
  Trans Am) $91.00
QYZ 215/65R15 blackwall steel-belted radial  
  tires (avail w/WS6 only; Firebird S/E and  
  Trans Am) included
TR9 Lamp group $45.00
U21 Rally and instrument panel tachometer  
  gauges (incl trip odometer)  
  Firebird $149.00
  Trans Am and Firebird S/E included
U58 Delco AM/FM stereo radio system $317.00
U63 Delco AM radio system $102.00
U69 Delco AM/FM radio system $232.00
U75 Power antenna  
  w/o opt radios $85.00
  w/opt, radios $55.00
UA1 Heavy-duty battery $25.00
UE8 Digital quartz clock (avail, w/U63 only;  
  incl w/all other radios) $60.00
UM6 Delco AM/FM ETR cassette system $606.00
UM7 Delco AM/FM ETR stereo system $438.00
UN3 Delco AM/FM stereo cassette system $411.00
UN9 Radio accommodation package  
  w/opt radios included
  w/o U75 w/o opt, radios $39.00
  w/ U75 w/o opt radios $9.00
UP8 Dual front and rear speakers  
V08 Heavy-duty radiator  
  w/o C60 $40.00
  w/ C60 $40.00
VJ9 Emission requirements for California $65.00
WS6 Special Performance package (na w/base Firebird)  
  Trans Am (incl. Sport hood and black wheel covers;  
  optional 15x7 in. open-finned turbo-cast aluminum  
  wheels avail included, 4 wheel disk brakes, na with Y84)  
  w/o LU5 and Y84 $417.00
  w/LU5 or Y84 included
  Firebird S/E (incl. P20) $387.00
WS7 Special Performance package (na w/base Firebird)  
  Trans Am (incl. sport hood and black wheel covers:  
  opt 15x7 in. open-finned turbo-cast aluminum wheels  
  avail, included, na with Y84)(w/o 4 wheel disk brakes)  
  w/o LU5, Y84 $238.00
  w/LU5, Y84 included
  Firebird S/E (incl. P20) $208.00
Y84 Recaro Trans Am option (avail. w/Trans Am only)  
  w/LU5 (req w/MX1) $2,968.00
  w/LG4 (req. w/MM4) $2,486.00
Y99 Rally tuned suspension (avail w/Firebird  
  only; QYA or QYC req. at extra cost) $408 00