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1983 Firebird Options
Code Description Price
A01 Soft-Ray glass, all windows (req. w/C60) $105.00
A31 Power windows $180.00
A90 Remote-control deck lid release
Firebird, Trans Am $40.00
AC3 Six-way power driver seat (na w/Y84) $210.00
AK1 Color-keyed seat belts $26.00
AM9 Split rear seat Build RPO
AQ9 R/L Lear Siegler Seats (incl. w/B20) Build RPO
AR9 Bucket seats (Firebird, Trans Am) included
Oxen vinyl trim $30.00
Pompey cloth trim
AU3 Power door locks $120.00
B20 Luxury trim group (incl. front and rear luxury seats, luxury doors,
color-keyed seat belts, split folding rear seat, map
pocket, carpeted cowl kick panel)
Luxury reclining bucket seats (Pallex cloth trim)
     Firebird $349.00
     Trans Am $349.00
     Firebird S/E included
Lear Siegler bucket seats, adjustable (Pallex cloth trim)
     Firebird $749.00
     Trans Am $749.00
     Firebird S/E $400.00
Lear Siegler bucket seats, adjustable (leather trim)
     Firebird $1,294.00
     Trans Am $1,294.00
     Firebird S/E $945.00
B34 Carpeted front floor mats $20.00
B35 Carpeted rear floor mats $15.00
B48 Luggage compartment trim $123.00
B57 Custom exterior group (avail. w/base
Firebird only; incl. LH remote and RH
manual sport mirrors, door handle
ornamentation, roof drip molding, belt
reveal molding)
w/o CC1 $112.00
w/CC1 (roof drip, belt reveal moldings not incl.) $51.00
B80 Roof drip moldings (Firebird; na w/CC1;
bright; incl. belt reveal moldings)
w/o B57 $61.00
w/B57 included
B84 Vinyl bodyside moldings
Firebird, Trans Am (black) $55.00
Firebird S/E (color-keyed) included
B91 Door edge guards
(Firebird S/E, Trans Am; black) $15.00
B93 Door edge guards (Firebird; bright) $15.00
B94 Quarter emblim S/E (incl. w/W69 only) included
BS1 Additional acoustical insulation
Firebird, Trans Am $40.00
Firebird S/E included
BV8 Deluxe door handles Build RPO
BX5 Roof drip moldings (Firebird S/E, Trans $29.00
Am; na w/CC1; black)
C25 Rear window wiper/washer system $120.00
C49 Electric rear window defogger $135.00
C60 Air conditioning (req, w/A01) $725.00
C95 Dome reading lamp $23.00
CC1 Hatch roof w/removable glass panels
(na w/BX5/B80)
w/o Y84 $825.00
w/Y84 included
CD4 Controlled-cycle windshield wiper $49.00
D27 Rear compartment cover (incl. w/B48 only) included
D34 RH visor vanity mirror $7.00
D35 Sport OSRV mirrors
(LH remote, RH manual)
Firebird $51.00
w/o B57
w/B57 included
Firebird S/E, Trans Am included
D42 Cargo security screen $64.00
D53 Hood bird decal (Trans Am only) included
D80 Rear deck spoiler
Firebird, Firebird S/E $70.00
Trans Am included
D92 Door Handle Tape Build RPO
D98 Vinyl sport stripes (Firebird only) $75.00
DE1 Louvered rear window sunshield, hingeĀ­
mounted (na w/C25) $210.00
DG7 Sport electric OSRV mirrors (LH & RH)
Firebird $140.00
w/o B57
w/B57 $89.00
Firebird S/E, Trans Am $89.00
DX1 Hood applique (Trans Am only) $38.00
G80 Limited-slip differential axle
w/o J65 $95.43
w/J65 $0.43
GT4 3.73 RATIO AXL Build RPO
GU5 3.23 RATIO AXL Build RPO
GW9 2.93 RATIO AXL Build RPO
J41 Steel rear drums included
J50 Power front disc brakes included
J65 Front & rear power disc brakes (incl.
G80; na base Firebird)
w/o WS6 $274.00
w/WS6 included
K05 Engine block heater $18.00
K15 Vapor Return line included
K19 Air injection system included
K35 Cruise control w/resume feature $170.00
K64 78 amp heavy-duty generator
(avail. w/LQ9 and LG4 w/o C60 only)
w/LG4, C49 included
w/LQ9, C49 $25.00
w/o C49 $51.00
K81 66 amp heavy-duty generator
(avail. w/LC1 and LL1 w/o C60 only)
w/C49 included
w/o C49 $51.00
K99 85 amp heavy-duty generator
(avail. w/LG4. LU5, C60 only)
w/LU5, C49 included
All other applications $25.00
L09 2.5-liter EFI 4-cyl.
Firebird included
Firebird S/E (na w/WS6) (credit) ($300.00)
L69 5.0 liter HO V-8 4 bbl
(avail. on Trans Am w/MM5 and WS6 only) $913.00
LC1 2.8 liter V-6 2 bbl (Firebird) $150.00
LG4 5.0 liter V-8 4 bbl (na w/MM4 or MX1)
w/MM5 (incl. dual exhaust) $375.00
Firebird S/E $50.00
w/MXO w/o WS6
w/MM5 or WS6 (incl. dual exhaust) $75.00
Trans Am (incl. dual exhaust) included
LL1 2.8 liter HO V-6 2 bbl included
(req. w/MXO w/VJ9; Firebird S/E) $350.00
LU5 5.0 liter crossfire EFI V-8 package
(avail. on Trans Am w/MXO only)
w/o Y84 $858.00
w/Y84 included
MD8 Four-speed automatic transmission (marketing option) Build RPO
MM4 Four-speed manual transmission
(avail. w/LQ9 only; na Firebird S/E) included
MM5 Five-speed manual transmission
(na w/LU5)
Firebird $125.00
Trans Am included
Firebird S/E included
MV9 Auotematic Transmission (marketing option) Build RPO
MX1 Three-speed automatic transmission
Firebird (avail. w/LQ9 or LC1 only) $425.00
Firebird S/E (avail. w/LQ9 only) $195.00
MX0 Four-speed automatic transmission
Firebird (avail. w/LG4 only) $525.00
Firebird S/E (avail. w/LL1 or LG4 only) $295.00
Trans Am $295.00
N09 Locking fuel filler door
Firebird, Trans Am $11.00
Firebird S/E included
N10 DUAL EXHAUST (incl w/WS6/WS7 only) included
N24 Turbo-finned cast aluminum wheels $325.00
Firebird (avail, only w/Y99)
Trans Am, Firebird S/E included
N33 Tilt steering wheel $105.00
N65 Space saver spare (incl. w/G80 only) included
N89 Turbo aero cast aluminum wheels (incl. w/WS6/WS7 only) included
N90 Cast aluminum wheels
(avail, w/base Firebird only; na w/Y99) $225.00
N91 Wire wheel covers w/locking package
(avail. w/base Firebird only; na w/Y99) $185.00
NA5 Standard emissions included
NB1 3C SYSTEM (Computer Command Control) included
NB2 California Emission Build RPO
NK3 Spoke steering wheel included
NP5 Leather-wrapped Formula steering wheel $40.00
P06 Wheel trim rings
(avail. w/base Firebird only) $38.00
PB4 Wheel locking package
(avail. Trans Am and Firebird S/E; avail.
w/base Firebird w/N24 or N90 only) $16.00
PE5 Rally V wheel covers
(avail. w/base Firebird only) $95.00
QVJ 195/75R14 whitewall steel-belted radial
tires (Firebird) $126.48
QXQ 195/75R14 white-letter steel-belted radial
tires (Firebird) $148.48
QXV 195/75R14 blackwall steel-belted radial
tires (Firebird) $64.48
QYA 205/70R14 blackwall steel-belted radial
tires (na w/WS6)
Firebird (w/Y99 only) $122.68
Firebird S/E, Trans Am included
QYC 205/70R14 white-letter steel-belted radial tires (na w/WS6)
Firebird (w/Y99 only) $210.68
Firebird S/E, Trans Am $88.00
QYF 195/75R14 blackwall fiberglass-belted
radial tires (Firebird) included
QYG 195/75R14 whitewall fiberglass-belted
radial tires (Firebird) $62.00
QYH 215/65R15 white-letter steel-belted radial
tires (avail. w/WS6 only; Firebird S/E, Trans Am) $1.40
QYZ 215/65R15 blackwall steel-belted radial
tires (avail. w/WS6 only; Firebird S/E, Trans Am) $34.00
T46 Standard steel hood (na w/WS6/WS7) included
T48 Special Steel Hood (incl. w/WS6/WS7) included
T63 Headlamp warning
T93 Black tail lamp (incl w/ WS4 & W69 only) included
TT5 Quarts lamps included
TR9 Lamp group $34.00
U05 DUAL HORN included
U21 Rally gauge cluster w/tachometer & trip $150.00
odometer included
Firebird $112.00
Trans Am, Firebird S/E
U23 Trip odometer (incl. w/U21 only) Build RPO
U25 Luggage compartment lamp (incl. w/TR9 only) Build RPO
U29 Courtesy lamp  (incl. w/TR9 only) Build RPO
U63 AM radio system $90.00
U73 ANT MAST included
U75 Power antenna $60.00
w/o opt. radios $25.00
w/opt. radios $287.00
U79 Ext range Speakers
UA1 Heavy-duty battery $151.00
UL1 AM/FM ETR stereo radio system w/clock
UL6 AM radio system w/clock included
UN9 Radio accommodation package $39.00
w/opt. radios $9.00
w/o U75 w/o opt. radios $40.00
w/U75 w/o opt. radios $590.00
UP8 Dual rear speakers (avail. w/UL6 only) $387.00
UT1 Warning tone generator
UU6 AM/FM ETR stereo radio w/cassette, $248.00
UU7 AM/FM ETR stereo radio system
UU9 AM/FM ETR stereo radio system $70.00
V08 Heavy-duty cooling system $40.00
w/o C60 $75.00
w/C60 $408.00
VD4 Steel bumper reinforcement Build RPO
VD6 Aluminum bumper reinforcement Build RPO
VJ9 Emission requirements for California Build RPO
VK3 Front license plate bracket   Build RPO
W62 Aero pkg. (Trans Am only) $6,450.00
W69 S/E (marketing option) $10,736.00
WS4 Trans AM (marketing option) $10,810.00
WS6 Special Performance package (na w/base Firebird)
Trans Am
w/LU5, Y84 included
w/o LU5, Y84 $408.00
WS7 Special Performance package (na w/base Firebird)
(w/o 4 wheel disk brakes)
w/LU5, Y84 included
w/o LU5, Y84 $229.00
WY5 Special Performance pkg.
(w/o J65; w/o G80) Firebird S/E, Trans Am $313.00
WY6 Special Performance pkg.
(w/J65; na base Firebird; w/o G80) $134.00
Y06 Carpeted kick pads (incl. w/B20 only) included
Y82 Limited Edition Daytona 500 Trans Am
(avail, w/Trans Am only)
w/LU5 (req. w/MXO) $7,195.00
w/LG4 (req, w/MM5) $6,450.00
Y84 Special Edition Recaro Trans Am
(avail, w/Trans Am only)
w/LU5 (req. w/MXO) $3,610.00
w/LG4 (req, w/MM5) $3,160.00
Y99 Rally tuned suspension handling pkg.
(avail. base Firebird only; req. w/QYA,
QYC; na w/N90, N91) $50.00
YR1 Custom front seats Build RPO
YR2 Deluxe front seats Build RPO
YS2 Deluxe rear seats Build RPO
YT1 Custom door and quarter panels Build RPO
ZK1 Hood insulation Build RPO