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Build Sheet Decoding

Build sheets or broadcast sheets as they are sometimes called are used by assembly line workers. It lists what options or parts are to be installed. When a vehicle begins on the assembly line it is given a build sheet. As it travels along the line, workers will reference it to determine what they need to add to the car. Van Nuys and Norwood had similar build sheets but there were some slight differences, mostly in the fonts.

Van Nuys Sample


Section 1details the build options for the vehicle, such as engine type and interior color.  This section is also used to call out which types of parts will be used for specific types of options.  For example,an assembly-line worker would refer to box 28 for the appropriate speedo gear. this will insure the gear been installed will match the rear differential.     

Section 2 shows the various options to be installed on the vehicle and shipping weight.

Section 3 shows dealer information, shipping information and the source plant information.