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Trans Am

The Trans Am is the performance Firebird. Equipped to the max for handling, responsiveness and top 0 to 60 performance, this machine boasts a number of impressive and functional "extras," that will make its identity with the hard-core "quarter-mile" crowd unmistakable. In addition to (or in place of) features which the Firebird coupe has standard, the Trans Am includes:


  L 5.0 liter 4-barrel V-8145 horsepower engine with dual -resonator exhaust, heavy-duty 4-speed manual transmission and 3.21:1 rear axle ratio. 0 to 60 performance time is 10 seconds.

  A heavier (level II) suspension package that includes a “quicker” steering ratio, turbo cast aluminum wheels, steel-belted radial blackwall tires. (This suspension package is also standard on the SE, see engineering section for more details.)


  Front fender air extractors in the quarter panels behind the wheel housings provide optimal cooling for the front disc brakes and engine compartment.

   A flexible black extension on the front air dam helps improve the aerodynamics even further.

   Front and rear wheel opening air dams also contribute to improved aerodynamics.

  The rear wing deck spoiler is another superb aerodynamic aid. It is a one-piece unit securely fastened to the lid on two struts.

   The flush aero covers on the lightweight turbo cast aluminum wheels (also standard on the SE) are the result of extensive wind tunnel development, and are responsible for several counts of the Trans Am's reduced drag coefficient.

Unlike the Trans Am of the past, with its imposing scoops, flairs and graphics, the '82 Trans Am was designed to be the smoothest, most aerodynamically fluid piece of machinery ever produced ...and it is. Much more subtle than in the past, it is also vastly more aerodynamic and fuel efficient, and with the aforementioned aerodynamic devices included in today’s package, the '82 Trans Am boasts a .342 drag coefficient, nine points better than the Firebird coupe.


Because the 1982 Trans Am has its aerodynamics "built-in:' Pontiac design engineers chose a high-tech "mechanical" approach to establishing its new exterior identity. Five bright, high intensity, upper body colors are available with black lower body paint accents. (When black is specified as the upper body color, the lower paint accent is gold.) A tape stripe color-coordinated to the upper body extends along the cars perimeter at the paint break line.

All of the elements that identify the car as a Trans Am are also in high-tech, structural-look black—the turbo wheel covers ... the dual mirrors ... the rear deck spoiler ... the door handles and key lock cylinders ... the windowsill molding ... the flexible air dam extension ... the front fender air extractors...the "Trans Am" lettering just above the fender extractors . ,. the small "Bird" graphic—including one centered on the leading edge of the hood and another on the sail panel (an argent finished "Bird" is centered on the blacked-out, full-width rear tail lamp) „, all of these features are high-tech and functional in appearance.


   Full instrumentation including—speedometer, trip odometer and tachometer ... gages for oil pressure, voltage, fuel level and coolant temperature...warning lights for check engine, parking brake on and fasten belts...and indicators for choke and right- and left-hand turn signals.

   Remote control for left-hand outside rearview mirror. Exclusive Trans Am Options

The 5.0 liter, Dual TBI cross-ram fuel-injected engine is available only in Trans Ams equipped with an automatic transmission and special performance handling package (option WS6). Featuring two single-point throttle body injection assemblies on a cross-flow aluminum intake manifold, this powertrain develops 165 horsepower at 4200 rpm and rockets the Trans Am from 0 to 60 in nine seconds. That's better than Pontiac Pontiac Firebird 's 1981 Turbo Trans Am, and this year's Trans Am does it with a 10% improvement in fuel economy over last year's Turbo. A sport aluminum hood with functional "thru the hood" ram air induction is standard with this option.

This engine is an adaptation of the 5.0 liter 4-barrel V-8 that is standard in the Trans Am and available in the coupe and SE. It was designed and retuned for high performance with—

— A higher compression ratio (9.5:1 versus 8.6:1)
— A specific camshaft and manifold for improved high speed breathing
— A free-flow exhaust system
— Unrestricted high density air intake for optimum performance, includes a computer controlled functional hood louver
—A 20 horsepower increase over the 5.0 liter 4-barrel V-8

Another new option only to be available in the Trans Am will be the Recaro Trans Am option package. Available on a limited edition (approximately 1,000 vehicles) basis for '82, this package can be ordered only with Trans Ams that feature the Black/Gold exterior paint scheme.

The Recaro Trans Am option package includes: the Dual TBI 5.0 liter V-8 engine (with automatic transmission) ... or 5.0 liter 4-barrel V-8 engine with 4-speed manual transmission ...WS6 special handling interior trim group—Charcoal cloth ... and removable glass hatch panels.

Recaro bucket seats are orthopedically designed with anatomically-contoured cushions that can be molded to fit the rider like a glove. Separate adjustments allow fine-tuning to achieve perfect lumbar (middle of the back) support and lateral (side-to-side) restraint for every individual.

Unqualified comfort, absolute command of the road, and virtual elimination of driver fatigue are the benefits of Recaro seating acclaimed for years by top racing circuit drivers. For those who won't sit still for anything else, the Recaro Trans Am option will be the ultimate final touch to the true performance car enthusiast's Trans Am.

   -The 1982 Firebird Book, 11/81