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Decoding your Firebird can be done in 3 way, with the VIN, with the Cowl Tag or from the Build Sheet.

The VIN is the vehicle Identification Number and is found in the lower left hand corner of the windshield, on the vehicle ID sticker located on the driver’s door or on the title.

The VIN will tell you:
• The vehicle manufacture (GM)
• The Division (Pontiac)
• Seat belt type (Manual for 82 to 84 Firebirds)
• Series
• Body Style
• Engine
• Year
• Plant To decode your VIN click here

Cowl Tag
Located on the radiator support is the cowl tag. This metal stamped plate has information about what options your car was built with. 

Sample Van Nuys Cowl Tag            Sample Norwood Cowl Tag

The Cowl Tag will tell you:
• Model Year
• Build Week
• Division (Pontiac)
• Series
• Body Style
• Assembly Plant
• Body Number
• Model Year
• Interior trim color
• Lower Body Color
• Upper Body Color
• Paint Type
• Installed Major Option
• Job Sequence Number (Norwood only)
• Schedule Date

Build Sheet