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1982 - 1982 Firebird
The base Firebird is targeted at the "sporty" market and is Pontiac's price/value and fuel economy leader. Equipped with the 2.5L (EFI) L4 engine and 4-speed manual transmission, the Firebird has an EPA mileage estimate of 24 city and 34 highway.

The Firebird Trans Am is targeted at the "pure performance" market, competing primarily against the Z28 as Pontiac's entry in the "macho" market. Pure Trans Am performance will be experienced with the 5.0L (4-Bbl.) V8 and 5.0L (EFI) V8 engines.

Targeted at the "contemporary performance" market, the Firebird S/E model represents Pontiac's new premier Firebird. From an image standpoint, the S/E has a different emphasis than the Trans Am: sophisticated styling, luxurious interior, standard "import" fea┬Čtures, a fuel-efficient powertrain, and superior handling. Equipped with the 2.8L (2-Bbl.) V6 engine and automatic transmission, the S/E has an EPA mileage estimate of 20 city and 32 highway. It is targeted to compete against imports like Celica Supra and Datsun 200SX and will probably appeal to a slightly more mature buyer than does the Trans Am.

To further explain the content difference between the Trans Am and S/E, See the following table.
Black Finished Door Handles & Key Lock Cylinders X X
Black Taillamps X X
Front Fender Air Extractors X
Front & Rear Wheel Opening Air Dams X
Body Color Body Side Molding X
Body Color Door Handle Tape Inserts X
Lower Accent Paint With Striping X X
Dual Sport Mirrors, Lh Remote X X
Rear Deck Spoiler X
Rear Hatch Washer/Wiper X
P205/70R14 Steel Belted Blackwall Tires X X
Turbo Cast Aluminum Wheels X X
Added Acoustical Insulation X
Custom Pedal Trim X
Custom Seat Belts (Color-Keyed) X
Remote Hatch Release X
Leather Instrument Panel Mounted Map Pocket X
Full Instrumentation Including Tachometer X X
Specific Luxury Level Front Bucket Seats X
Luxury Door Trim Panels X
2.8 Liter V-6 Engine X
5.0 Liter V-8 Engine X
Lockable Fuel Filler Door X
Rear Stabilizer Bar X X
Specific Suspension X X